5 Minute Outliner 2.0


- Visulize and organize your ideas

- Create outlines, checklists or projects within minutes

- Import outlines, mindmaps or checklists from PC to your phone

- Create algorithms to solve problems, logical sequence of steps, using loops and condition testing

- Stay compatible with your team and with every mobile phone



Create new file (menu New), each file must have unique name. Press the navigation button to open the selected file from the list.


Now you can create new nodes (menu New). Go to the next level - press the navigation button. Go back to higher level - menu

You can see if there is another level following the node, black triangle icon means the node has children, white triangle
means there are no children. You can edit selected node (Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste).


If you want to see the path from file name to the current node, use menu Path. If you press the navigation button, the selected
node will open the level with its children (it works in the same way in Path view and Level view). So if you want to see the children
of selected node, just press navigation button, if you want to see the nodes in the same level, select first the node one level higher.


If you want to edit text of node, choose Open in the Level view. The first part until "new line", will be used as title, visible in the
level list, the rest you can see as note, if you open the node. So to separate the title use "enter" or "new line".


Unregistered version can save 3 files, each with max. 20 nodes. You can get registration key at Paypal or Handango - more details here. After receiving reg. key choose menu item Registration, enter your Device ID and the reg. key you received. Then restart the application. If you go to menu item Help, you can see there "Registered for" and your device ID.

If the text become too long, you can split it to new hierarchy of parent and children. The first part of text will stay in the current
node (parent), put <c> where you want to new child start, and then everywhere in text, where you want the next child start.
So the text will be splited from one <c> to another in as many children as you need.

This is especially helpful if you copy and paste
texts from another applications and you want to make them hierarchical. For example you can copy text from your Notes, doc or
txt files and create outline of them.


You can jump from one node to another. This is useful to go back several levels and to start the loop again. You can switch between 2 possibilities and if the answer is YES, you can continue to the next level, if the answer is NO, you can go back and repeat the loop. Or you can take different paths in one process, and after finishing the path, they all should continue the same way. You can do much more with this feature, the only limit is your creativity.

How to do it: Open the starting point node, go to menu GO TO - STARTING POINT. Then close it and go to the destination node. Open it and choose GO TO - DESTINATION. Thats it, you can see the GOTO symbol on the starting node now. Everytime you select this node, you will jump to the destination, instead of going to the next level, so this node cannot have children.


You can import outlines from desktop, which you created with your desktop application or by your own. Rename the file to outline.txt and move it to memory card on your phone, so the path should be E:/outline.txt .

Then if you start Outliner, the node will be imported automatically. You can switch ON or OFF the import, if you go to Menu - Import ON/OFF. If this is ON, everytime the Outliner starts, it will import the file outline.txt. If there is already outline with the same name, the next one will get postfix 1, 2, 3 etc.

File format: You can find sample here outline.txt
The first line should be the name of the outline, each new node should start on new line and use the enumeration 1., 2., 3. etc. Children use the enumeration 1.1., 1.2., 1.3., etc. There should be at least one space between the number and the text of the node. Each node should be finished with Enter key (new line), also the last node, because the text will be read from the space after the number to the beginning of new line. Just check out the sample, you can use it as template for your own outlines. The most outliners and mindmapping software can export their files to outline like this.


Every Java enabled mobile device, no matter if its cellphone, Pocket PC, Palm, Blackberry, what ever. On some old devices the import feature will not work (if not supporting Java API JSR 75). If you have any question how to download it an install on your device, just go to Contact and ask us, you will get detailed instructions within 24 hours.


Advanced import and export functions, checklists, export to Calender and Tasks, project management, synchronization with internet server.

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