Face Disaster - Details

Move cursor to their mouth, nose, or whatever.
Click there and move cursor to desired direction. Click again and the face will be stretched.
Play around a little bit and destroy the face. Then choose menu item "Play Movie" and the last
10 pictures will be played as movie or slide show.


Place the cursor in the middle of one eye and doubleclick. The eye will be magnified to 200%. Do the same with the other eye. You can try to magnify also another areas of face, if you get some funny results.

Unregistered version can save 3 movies and use only first 3 Items from Toolbox, there is also advertisement on the bottom of the display. For only $1 you can save all movies and enjoy the full screen view. You can register at Handango or Paypal within 5 minutes, more details here.

If you choose menu item "Load picture", the directory with your pictures should be opened automatically. If not, you can navigate as with any other File manager or Explorer. Find your pictures and open one of them.
Because of restrictions of Java language, you will be asked many times if you want to allow the application to
access your data. Just confirm "Yes" every time and continue. Once you are in the directory where your pictures are,
you will be asked only once. At the moment all Java programs must do it like this, but there should be some better solution in the future.


If you would like to receive updates the same day as they are released, just go to the homepage and enter your email address there. You will
also receive some free offers, which will be available only through email and not for visitors of the website.


You will get best results if you make only small changes, because the face will look realistic and also the quality of
picture will remain high. If you make big changes, there will be visible distortions on the picture and the quality will
get low.

You will get best results if you stretch the picture horizontally or vertically, diagonal warping is not implemented yet,
so you can get unexpected results.

The cursor moving area starts 20 pixels from every border.

If you warp large images and you dont have enough free memory, you can get error message. If you have memory
card, try to move so much as possible data from your phone to the card. Otherwise try to use only small pictures,
not more than 1 MB. The smaller pictures you use, the better and faster is the performance. All pictures will be
resized to the size of your display, so there is no reason to use large pictures.


This is Java application developed to run on so many devices as possible. Just try it on your phone. It should run on every phone with supporting Java MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0, JSR 75.



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