You can find everything you need to know about Java software for mobile devices there. Everything about download, installation and how it works.
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If you cannot open your pictures

If you can open the folder, you try to open the pictures, but you wait and nothing happens. It means there is not enough free memory or the picture is too big, you get the best results with pictures smaller than 1 MB.

If you cannot open the folder with your pictures

Some folders are protected from manufacturer or from operator and they cannot be open by Java software. All you have to do is to move the picture to some other folder, which you can open. Use your memory card, mostly the folders on your memory card are accessible.


Install the JAR file like this:
Click on the JAR file with right mouse button, go to OPEN WITH and choose the installation software for your device, Example: Nokia application installer.

You can install it also by doubleclick, but the problem with JAR file is that it could be also associated with

1) Java software for desktop. After doubleclick it will show you the error message: Failed to load Main-class manifest attribute.

2) WinRaR - after doubleclick it will try to unzip the file. But this is wrong, it should be installed on your device without unzipping.

So the most safe way is the right button click and choose your installation software.

Another way is to install it over the air, directly from internet. On the most devices it will be installed automatically.

This is Java application and the installation is different from native applications for your device. First time it could take 10 minutes, but next time if you know how to do it, you will need only 1 minute and you can use thousands of Java applications from internet, not only the native ones for your device.

So please take 10 minutes and read the Instructions how to install Java software on your device.


Enter the reg. key exactly as you get it, every character is important. Its case sensitive, there must be no spaces before, after or between the characters. Also look exactly at characters like 0 and O (zero and o), 1 and l and I (one, L, i), etc.

As User ID enter exactly what you get per email together with your reg. key. If you got only the reg. key, enter your IMEI Nr. You can get it if you press *#06# on your device . Alternativelly you can enter another Nr. specific for your device (RIM Nr., etc.) or your name.

After entering both, press OK and restart the application. If the registration was succesfull, there will be no item for Registration in Menu anymore, and if you go to Help item, you can see there: "Registered for" + your User ID.


If you have another problem

Look if you find the answer in the section Instructions.

If not, go to Contact and send us email. We will answer within 48 hours. The more details you send us, the better solution you can get. For example: step by step what did you do and where did you get your problem. What exactly can you see on the display: picture, black screen or some error message? Your device and configuration, etc...

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