It just looks complicated, but it takes exactly 1 minute to install Java software on your phone, if you know how to do it.

You should know the terminology and how Java works, then you can understand better the text below and you can also find and understand informations from internet.

J2ME - Java 2 Micro Edition, this is the most common term for mobile Java on internet

Midlet - just other term for mobile Java software, similar to applet or servlet

JVM - Java Virtual Machine, this is the engine for all Java applications, on the most devices its installed already from manufacturer, but sometimes you must find it on internet and install it to run Java software
KVM - similar to JVM

JAR file - this is the software file, something like MyFile.jar, this file should be installed on your phone, without unpacking, the whole
file at once, not the files compressed inside the JAR file

JAD file - this is only text file, including informations about the JAR file, mostly you can forget about it, just some devices ask for it, so
you should know what it is.

OTA - over the air installation, direct download from internet to your device

How it works: At first there must be JVM or KVM installed on your device, which is on 90 percent of devices done by manufacturer.
Then you can download the software directly from internet to your phone and it will be installed automatically. The most devices
need only the JAR file, some devices need also JAD file. Second possibility - you download the file to your PC and install it from there
over cable or bluetooth.


Every Java enabled device, phones, smartphones, PDAs, etc...
Java version MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0, JSR 75 (necessary only if importing files).

Symbian phones - every phone

Blackberry - every device

Nokia phones - every phone not older then 5 years

Sony Ericsson, Motorola - the most phones not older then 3 years

All other phones - you can try it within one minute, it will work on 90 percent of all phones. But there could be some models without Java Virtual Machine or restricted from provider to not install other software.

Windows mobile - every device with Midlet Manager or Java virtual machine, which is installed from manufacturers on the most devices from last 3 years, if not, see section Installation - Windows mobile

Palm - every device with Java Virtual Machine

If you are not sure, just try it on your device and if you need help, send us email, we answer within 24 hours.

Download to PC

Just click the Download link and then if the Browser asks you to save the file or open it - choose SAVE. Dont unzip the JAR file, some computers try to unzip the file, some computers try to save it as ZIP file. Just ignore it all and save it as JAR file on your computer.
See below how to install the file from PC to your device.

Download to phone

Go to
You will find there links for all software files. Choose which one you want. It will be downloaded and installed automatically to your device.
This choice is mostly better then downloading to PC, it takes no more then one minute, so you will pay only few cents for the connection.


JAD FILES - if you need JAD file for your device, you can find them all on the mobile version of our website:

Installation from internet - OTA

Go to
You will find there links for all software files. Choose which one you want and click. It will be downloaded and installed automatically to your device. Try to install the JAR file first. If it doesnt work, try to install the JAD file, this is just something like installer for the JAR file, not
necessary for the most devices.

This choice is mostly better then downloading to PC, it takes no more then one minute, so you will pay only few cents for the connection.
It works for the most devices, if not - download the file to your PC and follow instructions in the section Installation from PC.

Installation from PC

You should find the JAR file on your PC, dont extract the file, it should be installed as it is on your device, only one file. Some computers download it as ZIP file, just rename it back to JAR ( to Outliner.jar etc...).

Symbian OS, Nokia phones, Sony Ericsson, Motorola

Double click on the JAR file, the installation should start automatically. Otherwise try mouse right button click and choose from menu Install file on phone, or something similar.

Other phones

Try the method above, if it doesnt work read the section WHERE TO FIND MORE INFORMATIONS.

Windows mobile

This is the Midlet Bible for Windows mobile, where you can find absolutely everything about this topic: Java Midlet Bible
This article is very long, you need to read only the Part 2, Paragraph 3 - how to install midlets. If there is no Midlet Manager and no JVM on your device, you need also the Part 1, Paragraph 2 - about JVM for Windows mobile.


There are 2 forums with step by step instructions, how to install Java application on Blackberry: Instructions 1, Instructions 2


Just be sure there is JVM installed on your Palm, then you can also install Java software.


Not supported yet, but there should be maybe some JVM soon

Other platforms
If you have questions about other platforms, just send email, we answer within 24 hours.

Where to find more informations

Read the introduction first, so you understand the terms on internet, you know how it works and what you should look for.
If you get any problems, at first look in the User Guide or Manual for your phone, look for Midlets installation, Java software, or Software Installation.
If you dont find any information there, go to Google, type in your phone model + installing Java software, or J2ME, midlets, etc.
You can also go to the website of your manufacturer, go to Support page, search for the same terms or read FAQ.
If you find nothing, you must ask your service provider, maybe they have changed something on the phone and you cannot install
software at all.

Why do I get no email from you?

You must check your Spam folder from time to time, the spam filters are not perfect and they outsource sometimes even useful emails.

Why 5 minute downloads?

1 minute to find what you need
1 minute to download it
1 minute to install
1 minute to learn how to use it
1 minute to enjoy!

If everything around cellphones became too complicated (devices, software, websites), there should be at least one place on internet, where everything is so easy as possible.

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