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Use the software to protect your phones against thieves. You will find there step by step instructions how to do it. Read following article to get more details. On the bottom you can find Secret Codes for your phone and links to analyze the serial Nr. of your phone.



For most people, who put their phones in side pockets of their pants, it is easy for you to drop it especially if you are taking something from your pocket, like a key for example. You may never know it but some pockets are too tight or too loose that may lead for things to slide out without you knowing it. Common areas which phones may be dropped are buses, trains, taxis and movie houses.


In some developing countries where petty criminals like pick pockets and hold uppers are widespread, people like them would prey on anybody who owns a phone, specially the newer ones because they can easily sell it to others and make money out of it. Taking good care of your phone is a good thing but things like these are difficult to foresee.

So in addition to the things that you do to keep your phone safe, it's best for phone users to write down the serial number of their phones. Every single phone that is manufactured is assigned a unique serial number that can be accessed by pressing *#06# on the keypad for most phones. Others are included in the documentation that comes in with the box. So what do you do with this set of numbers? Once your phone is lost or stolen you can call your network provider for them to block the phone based on the serial. It will negate any signal that the phone is sending out even if it uses a different SIM card and even if it has been SIM unblocked. This leaves the phone practically useless because the network shuts down its ability to connect.

Do this immediately after you have learned that your phone is missing. For postpaid accounts, it halts all services that you are subscribed to and the network will immediately cut off the billing cycle avoiding charges from unauthorized calls from the stolen phone. For prepaid, it also freezes the SIM so that any credits left may not be used further. This may not bring your stolen or lost phone back but at least no one else can use it. Let your friends and families know about this by sending them a link to this article.


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